Jaw-Tong Slammer - Superheavyweight Edition


A revamp of set 8257 with a lot more punch.




Wow, that’s really cool.
I love the treads. Also, the super huge bopper thingy is cool!

Really good, It has a cool machine design, and that guy fits perfectly in there!

I had forgotten those figures.

Why did you have to remind me of them?

This thing just slammed me with nostalgia. Awesome work dude!

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Great Job! And this is the first time I see this Techinc Figures used in MOCs! Great Idea!

Giant punching tank come here to ruin your day. 1. 2. KAPOW! You are dead! Not big suprise.

This looks absolutley amazing. And with an actual play function to boot! You don’t see those in Mocs very often. Great work here.

Eyy! Neat MOC!
Also, the Technic figures are pretty cool, IMO

Very nice :smiley: These sets do not get enough love!

You just had to make a pun, didn’t you?

The spread of colors is perfect! 8.3/10

…yes :wink:

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