Jax and the Hellhounds aka Attack of the Clones (no hounds are in this topic)

So this is one of the strike teams from my oc sci fi universe. After watching the last jedi i was kind of bummed that the knight of ren weren’t in the movie especially since i love kylo ren and the knights of ren, so i made my own knights of ren kind of team. Some lore. The Hellhounds are an Iotian Spartan strike team from the planet Io led by Spartan Commando Lexi. The team is later led by Iotian General Jax. I wanted the core team to look very similiar (hence the title attack of the clones). but still have they own unique skills/ abilities. The team aesthetics are typical for a iotian spartan supersoldier; wearing robes over their shoulders and carrying some form of a melee weapon. Iotian Spartans typically favor a melee weapon made of metal instead of hard light out because during the early development of hard light melee weapons, they would often short circuit and explode. However, some iotian spartans will use hardlight melee weapons because they do not dull and now have a 1% chance of actually short circuiting. Iotian Military aesthetic is heavily inspired by the Helghast from Killzone, Halo spartans, and destiny guardians. Anyway here’s the showcase

Jax (real name wei). His look is partly inspired by kylo ren and a demonic knight.

This crown is a sort of demonic take on Lord Shaxx’ horns from destiny

his sword looks very familiar huh?

Hellhound’s original leader Lexi. She mainly uses a flame sword and shield. Very few are able to beat her as when they do get close enough to try and strike her, Lexi activates her laser beams usually blasting holes or cutting her opponent in half.

Hellhound’s Maverick (No name as of yet). She is usually spotting targets trying to flank the team. Her melee weapon is a hard light greatsword, usually surprising enemies by flanking them and cleaving dozens in half.

She also has missiles hanging off her shoulders pads

Hellhounds’ Heavy Gun (no name as of yet) He carries a mini gun that has two firemodes; one shooting regular bullets, and on shooting explosive rounds. His melee weapon is a steel cleaver and is famous for ripping out enemies spines with a simple pull of his blade.

Hellhounds’ Sharpshooter (no name as of yet) He carries a sniper rifle with two different variations of firing modes. because Iotian weaponry has two different firing barrels allowing for different firearms, this hellhound’s rifle allows for long range snipping and medium range assualt fire. His melee weapon is a short sword that can channel plasma and shoot from the base of the sword.

Hellhound’s rookie (no name as of yet). Still a rather new spartan, this rookie has a lot to learn since he was allowed to become a spartan mainly because of nepotism. However this rookie is earning his rank and respect as a spartan and is viscous and deadly with his hard light blade.

Hellhound’s vanguard (no name as of yet) She’s slightly based on Captain Phasma and uses a hardlight sword/staff. She’s Lexi’s second in command. usually leading the team with lexi in a firefight, as soon as the pair get close enough for melee combat, the enemy is confused as how to combat both the deadly vanguards in front of them and the precise shooters backing them up.


Wow, I’m impressed. The color schemes kept together all of the way through. Whelp, seeing all of these cool mocs makes me want to go build one of my own. And I’m not that great at mocing. Thanks, guys!

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Attack of the Clones huh?

In all seriousness, these MOCs are pretty cool. It’s hard to tell some of them even use an Inika torso, which I’d say is an accomplishment. My favorite is probably the Vanguard, although I don’t like the upper legs of it very much.

I think the upper legs aren’t great on all of them, so besides that these are great.