Jayfa: The Creator

I wanted to make some changes to Jayfa to make him look a bit less busy, so heres what I came up with. Changes are:

  • Minimal usage of gold now (eyes and dish pieces only)
  • reworked forearms (again)
  • detailing fixes throughout to compensate for lack of gold
  • back detailing
  • no more shoulder spikes (they always kinda annoyed me

I also took this as an opportunity to show off Jayfa’s range of motion and balancing capabilities

Weapon design is by brickthing/mister n/nick and i plan on changing that very soon and making a new original weapon

Jayfa: The Creator

Edgy and mysterious back shot

Balance level 1

Balance level 2

2 running poses

And a couple more random poses

So yeah that’s mascot boy as of now, I know a majority of you don’t really care for all these updates but hey, I enjoy taking new photos and making my mocs up to date with my other stuff


As always, your mocs look extremely good. The fact that he can do a hand-stand is really impressive in terms of stability.


I did like the older ones, but this one is great.


The poses you’ve got him in are really incredible.


Rip all that gold.

Did Tahu 2016 take it as well?


I find gold is a colour best used sparingly. In big clusters it just looks ugly imo. Tahu 2016 is a perfect example of that