Jayfa V4

It's been a while since I've showed Jayfa to the public, and i recently did a lot of work on him. So I figure now that I'm uploading a lot, now as good a time as any.
Most of the big changes have been in regard to texturing issues. When i first made Jayfa about 4 or 5 years ago now, I crammed as many parts into any hole i could find. So I stripped him back, cleaned up his aesthetic a bit, added the white plate pieces with a gold stud as a primary accent to give him a 'theme' if you will. I also completely redid his shoulders and upper arms. He has some back armour now which is nice. Oh and I usually make him only hold one sword nowadays, the other one is still in tact though.


Some action shots

Some closeups of various features

I did give credit in my original post for Jayfa, but i would like to reiterate that this weapon design is by Brickthing (although i have modified it quite a bit) used in his Vos Eon moc. I based Jayfa loosely around this moc, almost as if he was a descendant of Vos Eon who had inherited his weapon or something similar.

So thats Jayfa as he stands currently, let me know what you think.


I like it. I've been looking at your older Mocs and I'd say you've really improved.


Thanks man, means a lot

I love jaffas

in all seriousness though this moc is amazing, as it always has been!


Hahaha, I get people calling me that quite a bit actually

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I think it might need more of a neck, and the forearms are a bit weird, not too sure though, its still really sick.

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Yeah i completely agree about the forearms, been struggling to come up with a good design. Never really noticed the neck problem though, but i totally get it, ill try raising it up a bit. Thanks for the feedback

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The greebling and attention to detail is amazing.


Badazzzzzzz! I love the tri-color scheme here. And the ultra-mechanical look is great. Very, very cool.

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Looks pretty nice. I like the fly swatter sword.

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The back coverage looks a little off, but everything else here is fairly solid.

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