Jeager MOC suggestions

So I’m making a Bionicle MOC of a Jeager from Pacific Rim. The idea was to make him to scale with Lego minifigures and he is. He’ll be at least 3 feet when he’s done. Right now he’s almost finished. I’m finishing one arm, the other I need to do more work on, and I need to make the head. I’ll post pics on BZP and here when it’s done but I’m wanting suggestions for one of his arms. One arm will end in a hand with a spring like the one with the hydraulic fist in the movie. The other arm will be either a cannon or a hand with a sword on the wrist, which should I do?

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@Matoro thanks for the vote man. Any other opinions?

I think it sounds like an amazing project, and I am looking forward to seeing pictures.

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@Matoro Thank you, it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever built, and I can’t wait to reveal it.

Here’s a JAEGER MOC!


The cannon is Canon.

Sword, because swords cut things.

The Colossal Ekorak has appeared

My god…

I just, I don’t even.
I love that so much.




An eren Yeager lol