jebraz before he was invisible

here he is!

(I know he doesn’t wear a kanohi but I wanted give give him the ‘experimenter’ look)


There are definitely some interesting ideas here. The modifications to the head are a cool idea in theory, but end up looking a little odd, and don’t blend well with the rest of the head. The underslung gatling arm with the control panel on it is probably my favorite part, and the skull on the shoulder is cool. I feel like the color blacking is kind of strange, with black going over white, which then goes back over black. The tassel-spike things coming off of the torso are interesting, and kind of give a WH40K space marine vibe, but I think ultimately just looks a little out of place and awkward. I do always love to see some cloth on a moc though.


Eh, the moc is constructed pretty well but the color scheme is a bit messy. The blaster arm and head look neat though. Nice

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looks cool

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going to try and improve him based on that. anything else?

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better shaping on the legs in general, specifically the top of thighs.


yeah ccbs is bad for that

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I’ve always headcanoned that he was a member of Pridak’s species, and this looks like it fits that bill.

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didn’t intend for that but I love that idea

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