Jeris, Vo-matoran/Matoran of Thunder


Once a lonely Vo-Matoran with a weird, lanky body, she eventually met a friend several years before the great cataclysm. However, the friend she met ventured and settled in Metru-Nui, saddening her. Once the Great Cataclysm occured, She eventually decided to become a guide for newer inhabitants of the -Nui islands, wether they be Artakah's creation or something else, and did so for about nearly ten-thousand years. Eventually meeting the titan JMP, she eventually accompanied him to help him and to discover what happened to her friend, along with learning JMP's mission and helping anyone in trouble. currently she's wandering around entrance of Metru Nui...

personality: Crazy and Stubborn, she is an adventurous matoran and a good guide to various places, having atleast something in her bag to give her and whomever she is guiding info on the land they're in. Though she hadn't made many friends before meeting the one that went to Metru-Nui and JMP. She is still a cheery and helpful person, but if made mad, she can be very rude and even very electric(Badum Tsh). When acquired about her body, she doesn't even know why it's like that. But it's usually guess she's either actually an av-matoran, a survivor of Karzahnni's tinkering, or a mutated Vo-Matoran

Originally supposed to be a moc for my brother, I decided against it and to make it a her and a matoran of thunder/electricity, since there's very few female mocs on the forums and it was due to her color scheme and maybe work with the EotK Rp.



-various megaman characters

-Some aspects of my brother(Making it a gender bend?)

360 turn-arounds:



"Run! Rahi Stampede!"

"Look-ie-me! I can hand-stand~"

Matoran Jet-pack

"C'mon Rahkshi! I'm wide open!"



I want a blue kakama like that :3


I understand the desire for more articulation, but I think the use of limbs that long is kinda awkward for a Matoran character.

Just seems too tall. I dunno. Also the grey looks kinda weird as it separates the blue and white.


thats so cool

Simple, but flexible. I don't like the grey though. Those same parts "did" come in white.

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Those hand puppets are amazing