Jessica "Viper"

Skilled purple warrior with a taste of humor.

And the MOC coming up with an inaccurate drawing:

CC appreciated.


Not bad. Not bad at all. I like the use of the fang pieces as hair, which kinda plays into the Viper moniker. I kinda wish I had one of these spinner pieces so I could try something like this.


They come with the 10$ Ninjago Spinner sets, so you could get those pretty easily if you want.

Really? I would, but I’ve got too many pieces. My parents won’t let me get anymore unless,
A) I get rid of something else, which I’ve been doing, but now I’m getting to stuff I really want to keep.
B) I find them at some phenomenal deal. For example, a few months ago, at Goodwill, I found all of the Toa Inika, the the first wave of G2 toa, Lihkan without his Kikinalo, and Core hunters gun, all for 20 bucks in a big bag.