so here’s moc based on a mix between g2 and generations Jhiaxus (being condescending towards all inferior lifeforms)

jet mode:

and (in) his throne:

and with phill:


It doesn’t really look like Jhiaxus to me.


Agreeing with @Ninjanicktf here. Looking at pictures of him (since I didn’t know what it was from), this doesn’t look a lot like the source material and the color scheme is very messy and the build looks weird in a lot of spots.


There doesn’t seem to be much consistency in the construction, and the part selection feels random.

I’m also not really seeing Jhiaxus TBH

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I agree with @Ninjanicktf and @Invader , this doesn’t look anything like Jhiaxus. Even if you changed the colours, this wouldn’ really look like him. I’d just make this my own character instead of an existing character

yeah i’ll probably just do that

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Like everyone else said, it doesn’t look too similar.
The moc build is decent but the color kills it. Also the throne is short and integrate with his whole body like a cushion.