Jhoirek, Toa Of Lightning

Jhoirek was a small lighning matoran, living as a tribal warrior, when he found the Mask Of Lightning. He met Kovaan and Un’Jaguk, and the rest is history.




Weapon pics:


Look awesome :thumbsup:

You keep impressing me today!
This looks awesome, and manages to be an improvement over the previous version, which I said was your best moc ever.

All you need now is a good photography studio for your Mocs, and you’ll be good to go.

I really like his color, i the mask choice is a little weird, though

The colour scheme is pretty good and I like it. I would add more trans-yellow or purple in the legs, tho. The big shoulder armour technique of yours actually work here, and the overall moc looks just fine.
The back horns seem a little too much for me tho, and the lack of a jaw is… Yeah.
And as backstory goes, it’s OK. Tho the Toa of Lightning are dark blue with white, but as I said in the latest Un’Jaguk topic, you can change it for your cannon.