JITENSU (drawing)

quick thing i drew on my dad’s phone


Was he happy with what you’ve done?

Not bad. Really helps separate her form that weird cat biker lady.

Edit: Don’t condescend to other users. --John Smith

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wait I know it’s the MOC donut steal chick with the body suit, helmet and scythe, are you sure it’s a lady? I mean if it’s a masculine female or just really flat/broad it’s fine

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Thanks guyss

idk i forgot to show him

w h a t

yeaah i’m horrible at drawing anything female so
i tried


It’s like Daft punk mixed with an alien. Dig it.

Is this meant to be based off of Celty from Durarara?


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:laughing: Oh that sounded rude, didn’t it?
I just wanted confirmation.

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it’s just that almost everyone who commented on the MOC said it looks like celty so yknow

…wanna request some art or need some help?

Oh hey. It’s the third member of daft punk.

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Not bad.

You seem to have done a lot with this character :eyes:

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yeah,she’s in this new story i created
so i try to develop her character n stuff

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