JMP 3.0:The Beast Hunter(plus new setup)

Yes it's name is based on Transformers prime: Beast hunters, don't hurt meh

That Aside, I've upgraded my self-moc's armor and some weapons, along with having a new background and new camera...Still shaky though.

Having been damaged during a recent fight with various enemies and won, JMP was honored and given special armor based upon the Toa Nuva's adaptive armor, which allowed him more features. In turn, his cannon and chaos blade were also upgraded and his speed and strength have improved minorly..

Things that have returned:

Hollow legs
Piston Smoke stacks(from an older version)
Pohatu claws on arms

New additions:
Mistika sheilds for leg armor
Claw shoulders and Glatorian counters on arms
New Bicep cover
Repulser Turbine on legs(Allows for either propulsion underwater or extra cold winds...and maybe can be used for fans)

Anyway here's the 360

Size comparison to water bottle

Chaos blade

Cannon Arm

In the mean time, for future updates, I might add another cannon arm for dual purposes, give him a hammer or scythe, maybe put more guns on him, upgrade bits of armor, and a few other things. Critique and comments well appreviated


OhMyGosh those legs so big.


Oh my
thats so huge
Whats with the awkward hero torso between the legs?



Longest CCBS limb, extender piece, Long Inika/Piraka thigh/Bicep piece, and then a Makuta phantoka torso, Av-Matoran torso Heels and Hf 0.1 body for the foot


It was part of my 2.0 design when I tried making the legs more stable, eventually I evolved the Idea into a butt-flap piece. Might remove or change it soon enough

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It looks fairly..uh..strange

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or, modify it and give him a trenchcoat, might look cool.
the chest is really good, and I like the legs.

also his waist seems a little skinny, maybe add pistons to the sides to fill it out?

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Thanks. I tried adding Tank Threads to fill in the waist and legs, but I guess I could try. The Waist was always thin and bare though in every design. I might just add more socket joints or something. I couldn't figure out anyway to add any pistons(Leading to the ugly leg supports). But It's generally a more or less stable design, so I keep it

Well armored......just not a fan of how huge he is. Red pins are an obligatory con. The upper legs aren't great in my opinion either. They seem kinda empty and flat. Hands are a bit weird too.

The armor is still messy. I'll say it again.

Color set is overused, that's not changing any time soon.

I do like the lower legs a bit. They're neat and bulky.

I do like the lower legs a bit. They're neat and bulky

they have an almost mega-man look to them don't they?


Yepo, big, bulky shins and lower legs

Anyway I've actually already upgraded the mock with better legs and without those goofy hands. I'm just feeling lazy to post though.

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Impressive legs

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This guy is so epic, seriously. I have seen large mocs before but this has to be the biggest I've ever seen!

The mask seems a little small compared to the rest of the body but hey, what can you do?

Overall epic moc even though the head is small!

Really really really seriously really great moc, and keep on mocing!

Please, it's not the best, besides I already upgraded it

Also I believe there's a moc that, while incomplete, should be 2-3 ft tall, and there's probably bigger... the topic should still be around here

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His legs remind me of Megatron's legs from Dark of The moon :3