JMP and Jeris MOCs

I made MOAR MOCs! This time we have @TheJMPofArcadia and his Ga-Matoran companion, Jeris.

First up is JMP, the Toa of Earth himself. This is a scaled-down version of the original, with a few modifications to accommodate my limited collection.

I also made JMP's companion, Jeris, who features a custom head.

So, anything you guys have to say about them?


I'm proud of you Kyoryu, You've done good

Gives Kyoryu a solid-gold Megazord of his choosing


More like the Matoran

less like the Toa Metru clone


JMP's waist is a tad unusual. I do like Jeris, but she could be so much infinitely better if her legs were longer or her arms shorter, preferably her legs longer.

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considering JMP said she is supposed to be lanky, yeah longer legs.

I like Jeris' custom head. Very cool build.

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