JMP Forme 2

Story: Obtained after reconsidering his current appearance, JMP took several corpses of dead Earth toa he randomly found and extra exo-toa parts and sewn them together to make this body. Now as tall as regular toa, He is able to blend in more. Taking a sheild and sword, he can still access his original weapons. Quick and agile, this form of JMP is abit more superior, if not too perfect...

Energized Protodermis broadsword


Yup. Extra backup Body. If you want more info, read my original Self moc form:

Anyway similarly gappy to his original form, he is less bulky and more agile, although he is still has use of Earth Toa powers and his weapons, just lighter and smaller. But basicly just a smaller and shorter version of JMP


360 turn-around(well actually more like a 180)



JMP: "I only work in black and sometimes, very dark grey."

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This is a well-done Moc, although the waist looks rather skinny. And the unused ball joints in the torso region could be filled up with armor that both gives him a bulkier look and eliminates the eye sores. smiley

I agree with @Aegyptiacus. You may want to find some way of filling him in a bit. Get some ABS on those bones!

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