JMP Sketches: 3 TTV Kaita

Remember when I made that one TTV Kaita? I decided I wanted to seperate and make it 3 main ones to make it easier but I don’t have the parts, but have some quick scanned sketches. Of note these are just 3 main ones that made sense to me/came to mind, you have your interpretations and maybe if it’s popular I could make a TTV Nui and color these. Also What-if fusion masks based on movie Takatanuva

anyway without further ado, the TTV Kaitas

Kaita 1- Name: VarCity

Base: Var

Components: Meso, Ven/Eljay(though it could be everyone)

quote: “Welcome to my city”

Aspect: Virtue

Weapon: Blade of Judgement

Description: The most powerful and the one that can have the most members. He’s usually the prime one to call out for, and has really strong argumentative abilities and reasoning

Kaita 2: Laurex

Base: Pfwheffle

Components: Prpl, Takuma

quote:“Come fly with me”


weapon: High-Energy Staff

Description: The lightest and the smallest, Laurex is a voice for calm and for fun, lovingly assisting the others

Kaita 3: Korrode

Base: Kahi

Components: Eljay, Invictus/Exx(I had no space for Exx at first)

quote:“I reserve Judgement for whom I deem worthy of”

aspect: Justice or Judgement

weapon: Splitting Headaxe

description: A vindictive and crazy Kaita due to the inner turmoil that is Kahi and Eljay, Invictus or Exx must come in as a neutral voice to help control the Kaita, though usually Kahi forces them along the ride. As for the main kaita, he does things in a cold logical pattern and intends to serve heavy and truthful determination

C&C I guess