JMP v. 7(or whatever version this is)

JMP's current form. More pictures found Here

And yes, I know Normal JMP has obnoxious chopper arm guards, looks abit bulky, and both he and Titan JMP haven't changed. Just critique and comment


I really like titan JMP. Normal JMP isn't nearly as cool (IMO).

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Normal Form:

I like the use of the CCBS "claw" pieces on the shoulder
Waist looks normal
The skirts help it stand out

The gunmetal on the chest and bronze on the wrists is out of place
The pieces thickening out the waste are bare technic which looks ugly
The knights kingdom piece look weird in an other wise smooth looking MOC
The round pieces on his shoulder look ugly


I'll critique the big version later.

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You may be confused with Pohatu Phantoka... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Since somebody has else already critiqued the normal form, I'll be doing the large one.


Has a very effective hulking look and figure to it.
Colour scheme is consistent.
Uses relatively novel ways to construct the limbs.
Feet look relatively stable.
Very posable.


Thighs are way too skinny for the MOC. They look disproportionate to the calves and need more bulking up.
The elbow joints are too visible and look a little skinny, maybe try adding something to the second axle joint of the hordika neck for some bulk.
Fenrak skulls jut out a bit, recommend either replacing them or figuring out a way to make them less obvious.


Blue pins on the crotch. Very noticeable.
Visorak eye on the chest is too large and awkward, prefer a regular system stud.
The mata hands connecting the borok saw things on the chest stick out a bit.


Great MOC. I really like how well armored and layered he looks. He has a great overall silhouette of a big, hulking powerhouse. I can't make out the build of the torso much, but it looks cool, and hey, that's all that matters. Try bulking up the thighs and the arms, and you're pretty much set.


Nice! I really like the titan form.