JMP's Moc topic(Cuz why not?)

Well, I need somewhere to post my mocs instead of making various one-off goes

Vent 2.6: Minor upgrade

Meh, just added wings

Vent 0.1: Origin remake

Alright guys, the first version of Vent I showed off wasn't the original. this was it:

Yep, this is the original version. I won't update it since it's meant to be the original and meant to be old and rusty looking. Basicly a worn out old armor. It's not very functional. In my stories it's meant to be a clone of Vent that uses scraps of the original armor, which was meant to blend in with toa.


The X saber: The original version of Vent's weapons, basicly a repainted protodermis spear which could cut through many things and was re-inforced with strong materials...

ofcourse from the pictures you guys can notice an attachment on the waist and a barrel on the sword? Well, the piece on his waist can clip onto the sword to form a gun blade! The weapon can shoot energy blasts and can be weilded either like a gun with a bayonet on top or a tonfa, ala Megaman Zero or like a ninja

Vent 1.1: The double bladed clone

Yes, another clone of Vent. This one is based on his previous armor

Basicly in RP he's a new clone created by scientists should Vent and JMP go rogue. However, he escaped and, having no training, just followed Vent and his crew, eventually wanting to become a full-time member. It's unknown why he has blue instread of green

As for weapons, other then his pistol, he comes with a set of twin beam sabers, identicle to Vent's original one except blue with a white emitter

Derkayes: the Villain

FINALLY a non-Vent moc and the first appearance of my evil villain, Derkayes

Story wise an evil villain ofcourse. He god a battle damaged helmet based on Megatron(transformers 3) and Sigma(Megaman X)'s scars. Not much to his build as he's basicly got the same build of Vent

Ofcourse unlike Vent and everyone who has more then one weapon, there is only one that suits Derkayes Best:
The blood saber, a beam saber that's seen planet-wide destruction

Now then here he is clashing blades with the current Vent

Critique and Comment!


These are some very good MOCs, my only gripe... it the fact that you colored them o_o. I'm a purist, and would never dare doing such a thing... but I suppose it is within your power to do so yourself.

I do like the MOCs a lot, and as for the coloring, perhaps clean it up a bit? You can see a lot of places where the sharpie (I assume) went out of bounds. =P


I have nothing to recolor them with and most of these mocs need to give the feeling of old, used, weathered and stuff...

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I have to agree. Even if it was the look you were going for it doesn't really hit the spot for me. The last one, is good however. I don't spot colored parts and he just looks evil. BFTGM entry?

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Do I detect a Megaman Zero fan?


Lightsabers! smiley


I like to call Vent the toa of mustard and ketchup. He's a really cool MOC too.


Time to post a duo(even though they use my old setup)

The Blue eyed Duo, Mercy and Craas

Story wise both were abandoned by their tribes and were destined to meet in the dunes and became friends. Later when spherus magna was restored, they eventually started a business as assassins. They obtained their nickname through the odd coincidence of them being some of the few of their kind to have blue eyes and not be in the ice tribe...


While a small skrall, she's just as deadly as the male ones. Basicly a skrall sister who abandoned the sister hood and watched her mate, an elite, get killed, she carries his blade and former honor. She is the most serious of the two, often controlling their food and supplies to make sure they don't run out and handling the widgets...


...on the other hand, Mercy is not only tall for a female, but also a klutz and ditsy vorox who was once a maid to one of the main leaders. However her clumsiness(which resulted in her name, since she was given mercy for a mistake she made) got her master, and thus she was kicked out. Her job within the duo is a secondary hunter, support and working as a cleaner and cook. Friendly, she however becomes feral like most Vorox on a hunt..


I didn't really put much thought into them, but they are nice minor characters. Anyway critique and comment!


I know she's female, but I think mercy could stand to have slightly broader shoulders. Also mayhaps somehow fill in the hole in the upper legs.

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Craas is probably my favorite of your MOCs yet. I don't know why. Mercy is just a bit too spindly for my tastes though.


Is it because she's all black with blue eyes or is it because she's solid but minimalist?


Forgot about the gaps. As for shoulders I can't really fix that....

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Just in general. The eyes work, and I find her more solid than your others, aside from JMP who I'm a bit thrown off by the fact that he's massive.

So what if I changed the eyes to green or red? Or dark green? would those work aswell?

Probably. Just the contrast. I would personally avoid red though to keep her from looking too much like the male Skrall.

RANDOM FUN FACT: Ekorak has traces of Skrall DNA.

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....I know she'd probably hate another skrall unless she could relate, but would your oc happen to like her had he seen Craas?(IDK why I'm even going here but meh)

Uh, I don't know. Ekorak isn't emotion restricted, thanks to his primarily organic composition as well as being part Skrall. To be honest, he doesn't have any ships that are canon in my story =P


ships Ekorak to France Oh, don't mind me, just shipping Ekorak.


@Ekorak Actually nvm no need to delete the post. Anyway...

Beastcutter: JMP 4.3

Minor upgrade



Sweet upgrade.

Everyone, I will soon be posting new mocs. Expect:

JMP 4.4
Upgraded Vemelper
Derkayes' Grunts
Torpedo, the aquatic villainous madman with a past related to Vent's
Upgraded Ivness
Zaktan Revamp 2.0
Christmas JMP
Chadris, Rahkshi librarian of New Atero and lance weilding, nuva boobed warrior
Jaxtra, Vortixx double dealer who works with Derkayes and often tries to seduce warriors
Akuma, a Shadow toa of fire who has wings, chainsaws mounted to his arm and a blood scythe

And those are what to expect sooner or later!

EDIT: First, I'll post Akuma a preview of Akuma.....