Joshi dumps some transparent pngs

Believe it or not, I actually drew a few images.
Without a background of course because brackgrounds killed my young daughter in front of my eyes, so yeah…
First off, here’s a twink in latex with thicc legs

Being awful at extremities is a thing I do. And yes, I like the Golden City Era outfits more than any others

This thing, which I got inspired to draw from overdosing on Laserdance (good project, listen to them), is a large Space Vessel called the Citrus Tree, which one day I might use in my friend-circle RP group.

…My little bro scolded me for using black and white to shade…

And last, but not least…
November 2016 vs February 2017 [Current_year.jpg]

Two versions of my completely Original Character, Ango Yang.
Now we have the opposite problem of what Hikaru up there had. These legs are kinda skinny…

Expect me to put more in comments if i ever produce more.
As always, onions are appreciated and please help me the backgrounds keep calling me asking why I always exclude them and they sound angrier each time


I wouldn’t call this surprising.

Not to be rude (please do not interpret it that way) but the boards have a lot of talented artists.

I guess now you can call yourself one of the club.