Joshi's Self-Moc-drawing

Okay, let’s face it, my Self-MOC looks like trash

My drawings are a little less trashy

So, if I need to have one decent way to portray my Bonkly self, I guess I had to do this:

Kinda sad the whole black is hiding a lot of my nice line-shading…
Onions are like ogres I mean Opinions and criticism are as always welcome


What are you, some kind of German artist? Good thing it’s not animu.

Yeah, i mean what am I, a weeb of some sort?
If I was I bet I’d read that Joe Joe mango.


's pretty goud my dude

good thing it’s not animu

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For me, your Self-Moc looks like a seven Barraki, or maybe one fom the Ehlek’s Army.

Yeah i see how one could see that.

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