Journal of the Chronicler - Chapter one: The Beach

Using a brushpen i rodered, this is the first chapter of a small series im going to be doing, its basically sketches takua made during the events of the Mata Nui online game.

hey, chroniclers dont just write.

more to come in chapter 2: Ta-Koro & the lake of fire

maybe someone can translate the notes takua wrote down.


"What was in it..."

"Why is it there"

"Who made this"

"Things I found at the beach"

Very nice drawings! Very similar to MNOG. Great job!

Matoran language skills for the win


Takua: (Pockets the widget)


I totally saw this on Tumblr first. Anyway this is really cool. I REALLY need a ink pen like that.

Mmm... Very nice.

You also will need some talent to go along with it. /jk wink

Already have that. wink