Journey's End - Custom Cover

So, I've been going and collecting all the various Bionicle books, and I've finally come to the point where I own every english printed book...but that wasn't good enough for me xD. I was so bummed that "The Crossing" and "Journey's End" never made it to the US, so I decided to take the translated version and print it out. I've been messing around with the cover, and decided to ditch the original one, since I can't find one that's straight (all the ones I've seen are tilted). I found this beautiful picture of the Mata Nui Robot, and decided to use that as the base photo. Thoughts?


I like it!


Fantasticness; would buy at bookstore.

I'm not exactly sure what the laws are with creating printed copies of Journey's End (It was technically release to the public). But if people are interested, I can sell printed copies. smile

I'm pretty sure that's illegal. I mean, I'm happy as all hell that someone could provide a printed version of this book, but are you sure about this? Otherwise, I'd probably buy one.