JT Machinima Topic

JT Machinima, for those of you who do not know, is a YouTube channel that does video game raps and songs. They make a lot of good stuff, but some of their content does have swearing. So I will say this now.

JT Machinima’s content may contain strong language. The intensity varies from video to video. Some can be significantly vulgar, and some have no swears at all. You have been warned.

Now with that out of the way, lets get on to discussion.

What are your favorite songs, and what are some ideas you might have?

Personally my favorites are Bloodline, which has at least one swear that I know of,

Prepare To Die, which might have some swears, but I’m not sure.

Back In The Ring, which has a little strong language, but not much, and its hard to notice.

Rolling Out, which can get significantly vulgar at times,

and Aligned With Giants, which I’m 98% sure has no swears at all.

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I used to watch this guy a lot, but…


Yeah… not anymore.


I don’t understand.

Im saying i think most of his raps arent that great, and i have a different taste in music.

Alright. Normally I hate rap, but this is different. The choruses help a lot.