JTL's G3 Rahkshi

As with many, now, I was inspired by the latest TTV Podcast to try my hand at designing new Rahkshi for G3, and I am pretty proud with how the gang turned out.

These were mostly inspired by the first concepts shown by Exx (I think) (EDIT: Nope, I meant Ven. I knew I got it wrong.) and Takuma’s Turahk. Everything else was just taken a bit further. I drew them using official mini figure parts and several new molds (all the helmets, the bottoms Panrahk and Guurahk, as Turahk’s bottom would be brick build able). My favorite is Panrahk, as he looks stinking terrifying.

So, any comments or criticism appreciated!



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Not even rahkshi but still pretty cool.


They’re the G3 Rahkshi from the last TTV Podcast.

Really cool! A nice interpretation of Ven’s designs!

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I love them :'D

Thanks for making this!



Close, but no :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like where you’ve taken the concept of the Rahkshi skull, it’s exactly where I was hoping the rest of the squad would end up looking like!