Jungle Arena Fighter

Before the acient city crumbled, when it was a flourishing provence on Okoto, arena fighters were a big attraction. Jungle villagers from all around would come to see this warrior and slicer fight side by side against many foes. And although both slicer's and his name are long forgotten, his likeness is on tapestries in the arena.

Arena Fighter:

He's very simple with normal ccbs limbs but a custom torso design(if anybody actually wants to see it I can show it). I gave him two claws and come out of his energy infused hands. The idea is that he can have them launch at enemies like a projectile and are akin to halo hard light, so their not really solid, but effective.

And then here's a colored sketch done similarly to the animations:

Please feel free to critic and such. I did make this around the idea of to retractable energy claws, so he turned up pretty simple, but hey he does look good with slicer and the trans orange makes sense sorta:


Well it looks good, but maybe a normal mask might be a little better.

Which would you suggest? Cause I think the normal jungle mask gives too much of a Lewa vibe and the skull makes are very repetitive.
Lego, why don't you give us mask non exclusive packs so we can remedy this!



You could use a Jungle protector mask.


I weather some masks, that can do wonders, but ya I'll try some other ones and take a couple pics so see which one.


I think the mask looks fine. The custom body you made looks cool, but as a whole it looks almost exactly like what you can already buy.

This looks great!

The style of this guy is similar to the skull villains and is meant to fit that motif, but not quite what you'd find in stores. Would you mind clarifying what you mean, any criticism I can get means I can improve this guy.

cool, just one thing...


Bugs are cule bro. Fixed btw


Looks really cool, and I like that drawing as well. :smile:

I don't know why, but his trans-red armor and hands really don't work for me

do you have Lewa 2016?

his gold (or regular) mask might make him a bit more unique :wink:


I think that's the mask I'm going to go for(his default green and silver mask). I blends with this character well, but as I want to keep all the toa complete(even if I do mod my sets) so I'll have to get an other duplicate. I'll put up a pic of him with the Uniter mask in a bit.

Edit, Update:

Which one flows better? Here's the og for context:


I think that picture #1 looks best, but I defer to your judgment

I would have to agree, although the others let more light in. But I like the more fluid color scheme.

Number one looks the best. by the way groovy MOC man.

I personally just think it's uninteresting to build a custom body, but then cover it up with that chest armor. It makes it look like many of the other sets.

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Pretty sweggity dood ya got here. Silver/green uniter mask works best, I think.

Alright, noted. That's a valid point.