Jungle warrior?


Here’s what stands so far. This one took way more time than I ever planned and still he needs a lot of fixing. It’s not bad but not too good. Tell what you think so far about this version.


but please can we have more photos

In progress my friend.

very cool, nice work

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Thanks nice to hear people likes it.

I really really like the build here, it’s perfect,

However this MOC looks a little bit more femenine than masculine.


Jeah I was thinking it could be female instead of male. Everything still under work just wanted finish torso and fit all parts together to see how it looks.

Good work! But the waist looks a little bit off from the back.

He looks really good. I can’t really fault him, to be honest.

But, there’s nothing that really stands out on him. He’s just a normal guy.

The MOC looks great, but it has too much silver.

He looks great!

I like it a lot, but it honestly makes me think “Lewa revamp” than “jungle warrior”, especially with those colors. Overall, very impressive.

It looks very good, my only complaint is that from the pictures, the mask looks a different shade of green from the rest of the body.

Wow, this is really cool. Reminds me a lot of my older building style, especially of my old Self-MOC, Sentann. Keep it up. :wink:

waist and elbow’s seem real thin… need some tires

otherwise he looks alright

Yes I’m working on his waist but it takes time to find good looking solution

This guy looks epic!!

For some reason, the crystal armor on the back bugs me because of how it looks from the front. Pretty good aside from that.

Hair 0/10.

/s this guy is pretty good. I like the lower legs especially. I will say though, he does look more like a Lewa revamp than anything else.