Jurassic World 2

Honestly, I don't think so. I have no doubts it will be good, or at worst acceptable, but better? No, I don't think so

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Directed by Michael Bay

I may actually pay to see that.

Nah, he's tied up with transformers 5, unfortunately (haven't you butchered that franchise enough bay, admittedly I loved the first one and 3rd one. The fourth was meh, fight scenes were pathetic except lockdown vs prime. And 2 was awful)

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Lols! Oh noes, it turned from love of the franchise to a accuracy war! :((( *wears the Kanohi of "oh god what have you done" *

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This isn't grade school, Diamond. It's off topic either way. Playing the blame game makes you look immature.

How about no.

Now enough of this, guys. It's off topic.

If they do go down the dinosaurs-for-war route, I'd be rather excited since it could bring a whole new prospect for the franchise and stride away from the whole island setting.
Also, I want to know what the heck happened to the Mosasaurus after the park was shut down. No one could feed it and it's lagoon would be saltwater, not suotable for thirsty animals. Did it starve? Dx

Also for those saying that the dinos weren't accurate, in Jurassic World, Wu specifically told Masrani that the dinos were modified to not look scientific, but appealing to the visitors. In other words, they had to look cool.

And as for the Dilophosaurus, spitting cobra DNA may have been used.


The lost world already did that for half the film

@Chronicler yes, sir

this would be interesting, just don't let Michael Bay Direct. He would ruin it faster, then you can say the number Pie.

I meant that where it's not the same "dinosaurs chase human characters on an island" formula that's been used for the past four films. I'm sure a lot of the fandom wouldn't mind seeing something drastically different; the hybrids are a good example of this. Although it wasn't visible on screen for long, there were in fact other hybrids in Jurassic World that could be used in future movies, Stegoceratops and Ultimasaurus being a few examples.

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Hybrids would be cool, but some better names unlike Stegaceratops would be appreciated, Ultimasaurus does sound cool though

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Well, this topic could now be relevant but is still dead. There are trailers and everything. Lego sets, too.

Also, about this whole “dinosaurs being unrealistic”, the makers of the movie literally hired paleontologists to make sure they were realistic. I’m guessing that does not mean to their particular species, but just to dinosaurs as a whole.

As for the Dilophosaurus, here is a page to the Jurassic Park Wiki (do they have one of those for everything?):

Edit: WAIT A SECOND! After further researching, I’ve discovered that my favorite dinosaur (I was a dino nerd in kindergarten), the Allosaurus, is in Fallen Kingdom. My hype is real, guys.

isn’t it explicitly stated in jw1 that dino genes were deliberately messed with so they looked more like the public’s preconceptions
i.e. featherless raptor goys

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This one shot hooked me.


It’s gonna be The Lost World all over again, with dinos in the city.

I just hope it’s done well this time.

Maybe they’ll give another half the movie to rescuing them all, rather than poaching.

I’ve only seen Jurassic Park. I’d like to see World. Idk about this one… seems to be taking a slightly horror-esque route. It does look good tho.

Did you watched Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom? I did and i liked it.
What do you think about the Indoraptor, The concept and this things in Jurassic World 2?
Talk about it right here.

I liked it a lot, it’s the second best of the franchice IMO.

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I liked it very much too.

Especially on the final battle with the Indoraptor.
It was intresting the way he died.

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