Just a Giant Toa of Magnetism


Well I simply wanted to build a giant Toa like being with the copious blue pieces I had laying around and so they became my Toa of magnetism, with colours based on the Bohro-Kal of the same ability.

Yea my camera sucks.

The articulation isn’t what I hoped it would be but they don’t fall over so there’s that.


The chest is gappy, and the camera quality could be better but…

Dang this guy is bulky and huge!

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“Greetings, Muscle Toa, will you use your elemental powers to help us?”

“Oh ho ho ho, no, little Matoran”

“Then what? Only your mask power for some strange reason?”

"No no no, I shall simply…



Ladies and Gents

@Ghosty’s Final Form


Impressive… I agree it’s a bit gappy here and there, but the colors work wonderfully. Personally, I think a character this strong and bulky looking should have a giant axe or hammer for a weapon, but those wrist blades are okay, I guess. Very nice though!

I did actually have a giant sword planed for them but scrapped it in favour of the idea of them using their powers more then weapons.

And it made them fall over.

Dang man this dude is massive.
I like it.


This guy is giant. Nice job.

Wow! I love it!

Maybe make the torso a little taller and then the proportions would be on point, but I still love the look of it!

I feel like his head is too small in proportion to his body. Otherwise, he’s pretty good.


Epic body builder toa.
I imagine him talking like Arnold.

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If this Toa where to fight the LoSS, then the hole fight would just be a renactment of the Hulk and Loki scene from the Avengers.

“Puny spider”

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Thank you to everyone that’s liked this so far, I’ll try to get better pictures up soon

This MOC amazes me!

Welcome to the boards by the way.

Well sir, you know how to armor. 9.4/10, the open ball joints on the Metru legs on the arms are my only bone of contention, though I could understand its needing to be there for structural purposes.

He’s brawny good, and magnestism’s a good element/theme for a hero that enarmored.