Just some recolours

So as we all know, G2 is a dead thing. But while I was looking over some old files I had I found some pictures I made of recolours of the Masters, so I just wanted to talk about them:


Pretty simple stuff really, but at the time I was curious on what Gali would look like with Mata Blue instead of Dark Azure. I have to say, this makes my already favourite set look even better, feels more like a JtO version of her Master form.


Likewise with Pohatu, all I did was replace the Florescent Yellow with his original Translucent Orange. I also thought about changing his Dark Orange to Reddish Brown, but proved to be too much of a struggle in the end. Still looks nice though.


Made this one today, biggest differences are how the thigh pieces have a more Purple tint and that the eyes are just simply Green, which looks so much better than the Yellow he had.

UPDATE: So I decided to do some more recolours because of how much I liked them. This time I made Lewa and some Protectors.


So I really hated Lewa's design, like REALLY. While the set still looks the same, the colours bring my hatred down slightly. At least now he has a more classic, Mata vibe to him rather than the out of place Keet-Orange.


So I'm far more pleased at how this turned out. Like I said before, I would've had far more of a liking towards the set had the Various different Blues been similar (Dark Translucent Blue and Mata Blue) and that's pretty much what I did here.


I'm not as impressed with this one as I could've been. For one thing, I wanted to make the Dark Orange become Reddish Brown, as that would differentiate the Translucent Orange far more. Again though, I had difficulties.


So while the colour changes aren't that noticeable on Onua, they clearly shine through in Korgot. This More Purple looking Bone Pieces and Green eyes make this awesome set look better in my eyes.


Same thing as Lewa, just changed the Keet-Orange to Lime, except the Torso Armour is now Bright Green (or how it should've been) I kept the eyes Yellow to make them stand out more.


Nice edits. In the photo, the orange looks a bit overwhelming on Pohatu and Nilkuu, but I bet it would look nice IRL.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:.

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Oo nice recolors. I think they look better this way.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:.

These look nice.

These look really nice! I have to say, my favourites would be The characters of Earth and Jungle - the lime replacing the burned orange / keet-orange looks SO good.

They definitely look much bolder and consistent. Good job, hope to see more.

I absolutely hated the trans on Pohatu, it looks much better now.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:.

Thank you very much :grinning:, I think they should've made a Green eye-stalk all long. My basic intentions were to have more classic colors on the Toa and Protectors.

Thank you very much :grinning:, I might do some recolours with Tahu, PoF, Kopaka, PoI and other G2 Characters. Only problem is the program doesn't recognize the metallic colors, but I'll find a way.

Thank you very much :grinning:, I also tried making the Dark Orange into Reddish Brown, which I was unable to. But I'm glad that the Translucent Orange came out fine :grin:.


Some of them I like, others I think just end up looking more bland/.

The water characters just look like one shade really, and I think the lighter colors worked better with the water characters cause it gave them a more tropical beach feel, and the darker blue looks a bit better with deeper ocean environments.

The stone characters look really dull too, I like the the neon green cause it helps make them pop.

I don't really care for the jungle characters either way, though Vizuna's chest looks way to bright. Which is probably just a photoshop issue.

I love the way the brighter purple looks on the earth characters though, its the same as when you shine a light on them.

Thank you very much :grinning:, everyone has their own opinion. My purpose was to try and give each of them more of a classic feel. I gave Gali and the PoW more of a Mata looking Blue, I think it kind of works as well because of how the Water Tribe's village was underwater.

I can understand your issues with Pohatu and the PoS and how similar the colours look. Like I said in the other comment, I had a hard time trying to make a darker Brown.

I didn't realize that until after I posted the pictures.

To elaborate on why I don't like it or why it doesn't feel classic, cause its all almost one shade of blue, the original Gali had two shades.

I didn't know that

Oh ok, I guess I could've made the Translucent Blue darker to differentiate more, might do an update soon :slight_smile:.

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