Justice League & X-Pods: 10x10 System Vignettes

What started as a happy accident quickly became a collection of related builds. I Initially only planned on a Flash vs. Reverse Flash scene, and while scrounging for trans-red and yellow pieces for speed blurs- I came across an old X-Pod! (For reference, here’s the Bricklink Catalog Entry.)
Already I was hooked. being primarily a Marvel fan I started looking up info about other JLA Members I could get a hold of, and eventually (with help from my friends Seth and Sawyer), made a theme out of this, making 9 vignettes with all 8 X-Pod colors and even some of the lids (which I was VERY fortunate to get all of as a kid)!
Below I’ve included larger images of each 10x10, I wanted to have a main photo out in the open and several close-ups and detail shots in a “summary” tab, but it seems that isn’t working- any help there? Also, please pardon the DIY Paper Backdrop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Not So Terrific In Central City”

Featuring Flash and Reverse Flash in mid battle, along with Michael Holt looking on from his apartment’s window (look it up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

“John Stewart versus the Sinestro Corps”

Meant to be a face-off in the ruins of some now-barren alien planet, and the satelite was just for fun :grinning:

“The First Stage of Grief is… Turning Back Time?”

A recreation of the classic movie, Superman, this one is more of a 10x10 Block to show off the 4x4 Lego ball I made that’s… less than wholly accurate to the source material (earth) :joy:

“Wonder Womaaaaaaaaaaan!”

Based on the classic TV Show, this is Diana in the middle of changing into her WW Getup to fight the mob (for reference, [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVLJcBsD__E](http://see here))

“Bat Containment-Pod”

Illegally detaining your villains? …Maybe… But I’m Batman sooooo

“Call Me Useless Will You?!”

Aquaman overcompensating- as usual. (Personally I think Aquaman is actually really cool but to each their own…). Wave design a last minute change- MUCH for the better imo.

“Brainiac Attacks!”

It’d seem Brainiac has located Kal’s Fortress of Solitude, good thing Kara’s still around to defend! Includes Brainiac (with a motherbox opening his Boom Tube) and one Brain-Bot Drone

“WatchTower Central Computer”

Mostly just a few staircases and a catwalk, this build is focused on using the X-Pod piece as a Holographic Projection of whatever the League is attempting to track down at the moment, featuring several key Leaguers in intense discussion. The computer screen was done using a few stickers from the Avengers and Galaxy Squad!

“F O U R T Y C A K E S”

When nobody was looking… Lex Luthor stole 40 cakes. FOURTY CAKES! That’s as many as four tens! And that’s just terrible.
(Just one photo- if you don’t get this one, see here :relaxed:)

I sure hope you all like my Vignettes! Please tell me what you think in the comments below, and hey, be sure to leave a like while you’re at it :stuck_out_tongue:


These are some pretty cool uses! I have one or two of those pod things, but haven’t ever gotten around to using them in anything. My favorite has to be the use in the Flash MOC.

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The way you are using these pieces are ingenious, I love seeing small builds that use pieces to their fullest potential. These look really cool. I have the black and clear X-pod (the one used for the watchtower) I’ve always wanted to get more though, they were pretty cool sets.

I love the Reverse Flash one! Okay that’s totally biased, but the pod is used so well! Neat idea!

That’s looks good, are making another series with Marvel characters?

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@ReeseEH @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister thank you guys! I personally like Flash the most too, also kinda just because he’s one of my favorite characters :grinning:

@Vicroen way too kind :relaxed: and I’m definitely lucky that my mom saw how cheap those sets were when I was little a gave me a ton of them, moms are the best :smile:

@Spiderus_Prime thanks! But nah, I don’t have any X-Pods left to make another series- though I do have a ton of Marvel figures that I’m sure I’ll use in the future (one of which can be seen here) :smiley:


Oh yeah they are

Wow! Forty cakes!!!
Jokes aside these are some of the most creative builds I’ve seen in a long time.

Thank you! And make all the jokes ya like, that meme is hysterical :joy:

I love these designs, especially aquaman’s, excellent job dude!

I just adore the piece useage

@kardax @LTVmocs thanks guys!

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Did you actually build all forty cakes?

I did! I meticulously counted out 40 of those stupid cakes haha, including ones on the inside at least

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