Kadihi For President 2016!

Hello everyone!
We are proud to announce Kadihi’s campaign for presidency! Kadihi stands for the common BIONICLE fan and strives to unite the fandom! He has taken stances on the important issues and promises to do amazing things for the community with YOUR vote! All BIONICLE fans have a place in Kadihi’s presidency - Classic, G2, CCBS fans, Solekians, Tamnaians, and all others. Kadihi stands as a guardian for them all, protecting the community from the konspiracies and lies that threaten the community. The Kampaign starts now! ‪#‎KadihiForPresident2016‬ ‪#‎TheKampaignStartsNow‬


President? That’s pitiful compared to the Metru Nui Elections.

Sorry, but since your not a master, you cannot advertize your wiki here or any trend you’re starting. I’ll have to close this until you are master ranked.

(Plus, this doesn’t belong in community. It belongs in either the Other topic or Highly Suspect hideout. If you want to, you can remove the wiki add and then add this to “Off Topic,” so I can unlock it.)