Kaelek and Muakos, leaders of Muaka Nui

Retiring from adventuring Kaelek works as Muakos's personal guard, she also helps the Muaka Nui law department in Enforcing the law.

To save some space Kaelek switched out her power lance for a powered war scythe
Due to a lack of use she uses her previous extra hands as legs instead much more like an octopus

Muakos prepared a special body in case he was ever shrunk down again, this one was much more manoeuvrable and also came with an interesting capability.
When a rogue Toa tried to take over the island he unknowingly trapped Muakos in this new body.
At first it seemed to be that of a weak old humanoid.

That was a big mistake, Muakos began to shift into a more upright form and made quick work of the rogue Toa

His hook acts more like a bludgeoning weapon than anything else, his main weapon is actually the handled cross he carries, with it's ability to suck in the consciousness (since we don't have souls) of some biomechanical lifeforms, giving them an eternal life forever trapped within it.

Muakos's new look was inspired by Anubis when I noticed that he had an oddly long neck which reminded me of the Egyptian God
his weapon the cross is inspired by an Ankh which was the hieroglyph for life, in some ways it grants the eternal life but also traps whoever it's used on inside it forever

Kaelek's new form was just a few changes from her old form making her legs bigger since she was very top heavy previously


Quite the cool pair. I especially enjoy Muakos.

Kaelek is pretty cool. You have overdone it a bit with the trans light blue, but it works.
Muakos is also good, if a bit generic. Together, though, they look great.

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Love that colour scheme on Kaelek. But that technic piece on her chest looks out of place.

@ChroniclerPrime I still Think the previous two versions of Muakos were even more generic, just black with hardly any though put into them.
But you're right, I should give him something more interesting about him

@Rockho Yeah, I've been trying to find something that will fit over it to make it less odd, maybe a CCBS chest plate?
How's this?

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Use non-printed version mabey?

I quite like how you made Muakos look, and adding the gold is a definite improvement. Though I do also agree you could perhaps do more to make him stand out in future iterations.

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Kaelek is my favorite.

I like the transformation on the black and gold guy. Interesting, it is.


What are you talking about? I see one that is white and gold, and the other is blue and black. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye #thedress


No... please don't draw attention to that...


I suppose that you like having your head off of your body?


Get out right now, take your money and your card games out of here


So which color is Takanuva?

I can't tell.


I cannot even.


Black and blue. Just like I will be when Coryt8o finds out I said that. wink


ladies ladies
The dress is blue and gold.

Please could you get back on topic or they will come.


But uh
I really like the first one
the second one seems too boney.