Kahdimys - The Bounty Hunter (self MOC)

Started my own Bionicle universe a while ago, and finally decided to share this MOC. Feel free to share your opinions.


I like it, although some parts look a little awkward…

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How do you mean “awkward”? I know that the arms look a bit skinny but this is one of the first versions of him.

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Well the elbow connections seem a little of, as for the rest of it I’m not really sure, sorry, I’m not great at Moc critique…

I like the general design, however as mentioned the joints seem a little akward in that they are so thin. The knee joints being the best example i suppose. Is there anything to cover/bulk them out a bit - feel that might help.

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the torso is good, the limbs look too skinny.
bulk them up.


I like the weaponary, especially the sword and rifle. The pistol in my opinion is a little awkward, but I can see what you were trying to do.

I like the concept, and the effort put into a custom build, but I also have to agree with the others in saying that he looks a bit skeletal. I’m sure a V2 would fix that though. :wink:

I have already revamped the legs, after reading all of the comments. I will work on the arms another time.


I really like your self moc a lot. I think it’s unique and has a nice build. However I think the handgun should use a little work, they look weird to me.

I don’t like the face and the upper legs and the arms are too skinny.

I’m a fan of any moc that uses the Ultron helmet. I’m also a fan of black Kopaka swords. And chains. For a first version, I give this a solid 9/10 I really like this guy.

Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is consistent
  • Shweet Robe
  • Chest looks OK
  • Arms/Legs are a bit thin
  • Pin on Helmet/Mask looks pretty bad

I would give this MOC an Overall rating of a 7/10.

Good Job! :grinning: