Kaheel, Mutant Toa of Magnetism

Once a mighty hero, this fallen Toa now wanders the universe on a quest for vengeance…

79,100 Years Before the Reformation of Spherus Magna, the Matoran Civil War came to an abrupt and violent end. In the aftermath of the conflict, Makuta Miserix made a drastic move to prevent similar wars from breaking out across the universe, assigning each of his ninety-nine brethren to watch over an inhabited region of the Matoran Universe. Among those Makuta was a warrior named Elak, an arrogant and haughty Makuta with lofty aspirations. Assigned to supervise a large island named Jetar, located between Artakha and Tren Krom’s Island, he left immediately to secure his holdings, taking his two Toa Hagah with him.

Jetar was a peaceful land populated by Matoran. Ruled by a group of Toa, its primary leader was Kaheel, a Toa of Magnetism.

Heroic and strong, he was a wise and caring ruler. However, his authority was soon challenged when Elak arrived. The Makuta proclaimed himself the new ruler of Jetar—a slight misstatement, as Miserix merely assigned the Makuta to supervise their regions. Kaheel, of course, refused to submit to the Makuta without cause, angering Elak, who proudly believed himself to be the island’s rightful overlord. What should have been a simple agreement turned into a drawn-out conflict. Eventually, the frustrated Elak resorted to violence, raiding Kaheel’s village. The Toa fought back, but in the battle, Kaheel’s beloved, a Toa of Lightning, was killed by Elak.

Grief-stricken and enraged, Kaheel attacked the Makuta. Using his Magnetic powers, the Toa crushed Elak to death in his own armor—unfortunately for Elak, the Makuta had not yet evolved into pure Antidermis. As their Makuta fell, Elak’s Toa Hagah attacked Kaheel and subdued him, though they were not overly upset that their master was dead, given his attitude. Nonetheless, they brought Kaheel to Destral to face judgment. Makuta Miserix commanded that Kaheel be sent to the Pit for his crimes, and Botar was summoned to take him to the prison, where he was jailed for over 76,000 years. Shortly after Kaheel’s imprisonment, Miserix was overthrown by Teridax.

3,000 Years Ago, Kaheel made a daring move and escaped from the Pit after years of planning. However, as he escaped through a ventilation shaft, he accidentally ruptured a fuel tank, which was powered by Energized Protodermis. The substance covered Kaheel from head to toe, but he was not destroyed. Rather, he was mutated horribly, growing larger and becoming covered in spiked armor. His left arm sprouted a tentacle, and his hands and feet grew clawed and bent. Agonized and angry, Kaheel completed his escape, wandering the universe partially insane. He was motivated by one goal—to take down the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Kaheel is difficult to find, despite the Makuta’s efforts to locate him. This is partially due to his Kanohi Volitak, which was conveniently unaffected by his mutation. Additionally, he still has possession of his Magnetic powers, though he is often limited by his unstable mental condition. Before his mutation, Kaheel wielded twin Electromagnetic Axes, which could release powerful EMP bursts. He still possesses his axes, though they now have lethal spikes protruding from their back edges.


Having recently come into possession of Nocturn, a set whose tentacle was vital to the conception of this character, I finally decided to make Kaheel, who has existed since some of my earliest forays into creating a fanon-universe. Kaheel plays a role in the initial adventures of my character, Toa Heatwave—the source of my username, and among the most laughably ridiculous names I have ever created for a character (at least he’s an awesome Toa).

Anyway, Kaheel is one of the antagonists in the story, where he is confronted by the Toa Dremla, my Toa Team, who have been sent by the OOMN to subdue him. I won’t reveal how the battle goes down, especially since I haven’t written it yet, but it will be an interesting one.

As for the MOC itself, I wanted to keep a semblance of consistency between Kaheel’s Toa Form and his Mutated Form, hence the retention of the mask and axes. I particularly struggled with the torso of his Toa Form, as my initial attempts to integrate the Metru-toran torso with the 2015 gearbox didn’t allow a head to be attached (or, if it did, the head was too high or too low). Nevertheless, I finally found a way to make it not completely terrible. The head is a little high for my liking, but it is the best I could do.

The mutated form is meant to be asymmetrical, hence the Ehlek spine on one side and the claw on the other. I wanted to do two Ehlek spines, but I couldn’t find the other silver spine from Spinax, so I used the claw instead. From the side, the torso is a little gappy, but I think the solidity of the front and back makes up for that. More images follow…

Comments and constructive criticism are heartily encouraged!


Definitely portrays the mutated and mangled look very well...but should still have some sort of coherent texturing so it doesn't look like a downright mess.


Really awesome looking. :smile:

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Both forms are superb and I like his story.

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@Rockho Thanks for your input! I see what you mean about the texturing on the mutant form...the old BIONICLE and CCBS are a little too grouped together, now that I think about it...

@ouberry Thanks!

@SwagMeister Superb...why, thank you! And I'm glad you like his backstory. I'm hoping to start MOCcing a number of my characters in the near future, hopefully over Spring Break, so more cool characters and stories will (hopefully) be imminent!

My only complaint with the normal version is that his head is too far forward compared to his shoulders and it's too high up.

My only complaint with the mutated version is that he has an unsightly gap between his hips and the leg extensions.

That's about it, I like the weapons on him.

I like these mocs, but something about the normal forms head just irks me

Brilliant writing and brilliant building. I can't wait to see more from you. :smile:

Lookin' snazzy :smile:

@PakariNation99 I know how you feel about the head on the normal version. I've been trying to find a better way to integrate the gearbox with the Metru torso, so it doesn't look so wonky. Hopefully that'll work out...thanks for your input! Glad you like the weapons!

@ToaVoriki Thank you! The head looks better in person, but only slightly. The way it was constructed forced me to put it a little high. I considered adding shoulder armor on the gearbox like Tahu '15, but that actually made it worse! :persevere:

@Gringat Wow...thanks, man! Coming from you, that's a real compliment!

@DG_Eddie Thanks!

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The only issue is that his mutated form has Fire Lord syndrome

Ah, alas...that has less to do with him as a character and more to do with my inability to create a custom leg design that doesn't look like a pile of junk. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Totally understand your issue with that leg build, though...I don't know why LEGO ever thought it looked good...

I'm not gonna lie, the neck kinda kills the normal version for me! It would look much better if you could shorten that!

The mutated version, on the other hand, looks great! I would suggest adding a highlight color, though!

Great work! :smiley:

I can definitely try to fix the neck, though it was tricky enough to get it right the first time! A highlight color would be nice, actually--Magnetism's canon color scheme is so...bland, aside from being almost indistinguishable from Sonics.

@DiamondKing lol, maybe, but then again, it was the first year of CCBS (though they reused the design for Savage Planet and Breakout, so I guess they didn't learn much)

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The only problem with the big I have is the legs brother me a little more then it should. :grinning:
While I absolutely hate necks like that of which the little one has. :expressionless: