Kahi Can't MOC

But I tried to anyways. This is the first self-MOC I've made since I was 12, and the first (and only) MOC I've done since The Divine Other, my one and true masterpiece.

Credits go to @Chro for his new Protector build (and his Huki revamp) serving as significant inspiration. I had to make some extreme changes to the build because I couldn't really figure out how it worked, and also because I needed to push some maroon in there somewhere.

David and Goliath

"I'm looking forward to adding your lightsaber to my collection!"

1v1 me irl m8

dem pecs tho

Notes: I was not aware of the difference between Size 5 and Size 4 armor plating for the legs. I'm waiting for the New Order Stormtrooper to be released, buy that set, and then use the plates and the new Star Wars shoulder armor to expand the set. I've since made some adjustments to the neck and back area. Also, I've got a custom part coming in that might flesh out the "final product".

Stay tuned for Kahi 2.0, aka the Mark II.


This really isn't bad at all!

I mean, the head seems a tad bit disproportionate, but if you're sticking with that Calix, there's not much you can do about that.

You're going into this claiming that you can't moc, but I really don't see why you'd think that. Sure, you took inspiration from Chro, but good moccers don't always need to trailblaze to come up with something amazing.

If I were you, I'd keep at it.(That is, of course, unless you just don't really enjoy moccing.)


0/10 no lawyer suitcase
very disappointed Kahi >:((((

Nah, your moc is definitely cool. I like the torso construction.


I feel the lower legs should be a bit longer,
and you should fill in the giant hollow in the head,

otherwise, it's pretty solid.

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Was expecting a joke MOC.
I am dissatisfied.


He needs to do the Objection Pose

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The fingers can't extend.

Not bad for a first try in a long time. It's a bit basic, however, and the head is disproportionate. 7.5/10

This little dude's kinda nifty, although I can't help but be put off by that rather grim looking face :v

Good stuff though!

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Looks cool! The only problem is that the head looks a bit to bit for the body.

When I read the title I though "he's probably just exaggerating. I bet he made some really intricate MOC"
Then I saw the MOC and realized that you were right Kahi,
you can't MOC.

Honestly though, you should fix that head connection. It looks awful from the side. Other than that it looks like a nice little fun MOC.

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Looks sweet.
But the arms look short.

No objections to that.

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Aww, it's a wee 'lil cutey Kahi. This looks cool.:smile: