Kahinuva: Ace Attorney (Fan Game)

Hi! I think I should be ready to lift the curtains on this...Don't kill me for announcing this to early Meso, :c.

Anyways, as the title suggests, this will be a TTV Fan game using either the PyWirght engine, or the Ace Attorney Online engine (Not the MMO), you will play as 6 different hosts (I don't even) from the history of TTV, this will include Kahi, Blazike- I mean Mesonak and Eljay. (The other 3 I can't mention due to spoilers! Sorry guys :c), with 4 cases to play through!

I (We?) are hoping for a 2015 ready, and perhaps a very late 2014 closed beta? Who knows.
We (I?) Can't do this mostly alone though! I will need help with 3 things!

-People with super good English skills to check the text.

That's really it.
Thoughts? Ideas? Post them all here!

Photo created by our local Toa of Canon and Mangosteen, Eljay!


I always love to see fan made games, and this one sounds interesting. I know a thing or two about grammar and such, so if you need I could help out in that area.
Good luck on the project!

I had heard this was a thing, but I actually wasn't given details on it. But any Ace Attorney fangame sounds good to me.

It kind of gives me a flashback to some of the other stuff I did on BZPower, though...


When the first TTV Fan convention kicks off, Omega Tahu is murdered! And MaximumWrap (Matt) is accused, Kahi is busy working on the TTV: On Air and the On Air Panel, it's up to Eljay and Mesonak to solve the mystery and save Matt!

But as my treat, have 90% of the case planning.

TTV Case planning.

  1. Turnabout Omega Convention

Eljay at defence, Meso at assist
Defendant: Matt
Prosecutor: Varderan

  1. Turnabout Burn

Meso at Defence, Viper as assistant.
Defendant: Risebell
Victim: Furno
Prosecutor: Venom

  1. Turnabout Reality

Kahi at Defence, Venom at assistant.
Defendant: Varderan
Prosecutor: EEEEDGEWOOORTH (In Reality it's Takuma and Exx)

  1. Rise to the turnabout

Kahi, Venom, Varderan, Eljay , Meso, Kahi at defence (In order)
Defendant: Mesonak
Prosecutor: EEEDGEWORTH (In Reality it's Takuma and Exx)

3 and 4 are the one case story, but split.


i haven't ever played Ace Attorney games so i have no idea what you are saying

but i love it


Yay, If you have an IOS device, you can get Case 1 for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney : Duel Destinies for free!


i dont have any ios things


DS Emulator then?


i have an actual DS so worst case scenario I buy a game to see how it goes

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Whatever happened to this? Is it still being made?


Indeed it is, but at the moment Progress has been slowed due to exams and such.

Expect playable case 1-2 (No CUSTOM Sprites) at December

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aw yea

Looking forward to it.



The hype train has started...
It's just moving really slow.
Like Half Life 3 news that's not fake slow.



I'm just gonna say that I'm willing to test the game, as well as provide you with sprites.

I will warn you, however: I'm a very slow person when it comes to spriting stuck_out_tongue



I'm just gonna say that I'm willing to test the game, as well as provide you with sprites.

I will warn you, however: I'm a very fast person when it comes to spriting stuck_out_tongue



That's awesome.

"Elpollo Jaystice," .... It's.... Just..... Beautiful.

That looks great though, I am now really looking forward to it.

@Political_Slime that is a work of art. Amazing job. Looks better than the real @Mesonak. Jk haha nice job though, it actually reminds me just a little of some of those super cartoony versions of Sonic.


Any progress on this, @BeefJStag? Can't wait to play this smiley


When my laptop is fixed and I get my new desktop...
Things should be progressing quicker.

Trailer will be ready for Chronicler's Convergence, I promise!
A new addition to the team, @Takua has gifted us half of the logo...



Seeing as this hasn't been updated for a while, here's some news, albeit small ones:

After a long break, I've continued work on sprites for K:AA. While I don't have any finished sprites to show you that you haven't seen before, here's some updates I've been making to the current Kahi sprites, namely the palette.

You may recognize this as Kahi's finger point from the Chronicler's Convergence trailer. As you can see, I've redone the color palette for the mask. What do you think?

I'll try to offer more updates on the sprites when I can. For now, stay tuned!

(obtw summoning @BeefJStag)

As of right now, the project is being handled on Ace Attorney Online, allowing for us to get trial parts and investigations ready much quicker. The only issue at the moment is actually getting the trials to run, but that should be resolved quickly.