Kaikawe, Toa Of The Green

This is the leader of the toa team in the lost chronicles game I’ve been running!! He’s a jungle toa, with the mask of flight! Which was an interesting experience to get proper. I had to sand the '06 head a bit before painting on the orange.


The double 2.0 foot disturbs me. :athletic_shoe:

Kaikawe back is fairly exposed, especially how the neck is built; the painted Kadin kanohi color is abit off-tone, but fits with the color, I think the black would look much better.


Maybe use some smaller armor shell or System slope for better coverage. :keyboard:


Yeah, that color of green was the best I could find, I actually brought a shell peice to get as close a match as possible. The black mask clashed way to much with the green and white color scheme. As for the feet, I like how it feels when posing, but it does look weird. Any suggestions for an armor peice that gives similar bulk and weight?