Kaiku, Toa of sonics

Toa Kaiku (Finnish for echo) is one of my Mocs that’s nearly as old as my self Moc!

With this Moc I wanted to make a Moc that would be visibly female and more petite without going nuts, just simple part placements and a simple chest design.

(I just noticed the gap in her right arm and now am regretting everything cause I want to go back and take the picture but i took down my setup)

Kaiku is a kind hearted Toa who is generally free spirited, and energetic.

And her fighting style reflects this, hopping from enemy to enemy in a chaotic way not fearing the consciences of such reckless strategy.

I chose the kanohi Tryna cause it makes her seem to have bigger eyes making her look more innocent. And the arms are probably the worst part (I made them like 5 mins before I took the pictures)
(Theres a trans neon green grill piece on the sword you can barely see by the way)

Criticism is gladly accepted and wanted, and some weapon suggestions would help as I’m kinda un inventive with them.


Pretty good MOC, though the really narrow shoulders look off.
Good job!


The shoulders are too narrow.
But otherwise, good.

The legs look a bit clunky compared to the rest of the MoC, but it like looks good otherwise.

Please widen out those shoulders. I know it’s supposed to be a female MOC but overly narrow shoulders on a humanoid just doesn’t look right to me.

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The sholders look too narrow.

Reminds me of a MOC by Logan Woerner on CBW: Niha.

Thanks guys, I think that may be a by product of the large mask, I’ll try using the longer CCBS shells to make them look bigger.

@Runa Thanks, I went with the heavy metal boot boots (its my whole thing about metallic colors as heavy armor thing)

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That’s pretty ironic, given the mask’s power. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job on this! The color layering is done quite well here, and it the textures seem to follow that scheme. I suppose my only major complaint is that the shoulders are a bit too thin(but I’m willing to bet you already knew that).

As for weapons… Some kind of chain or rope weapon would be neat. Reason being that I think it would be cool if she could use sound waves to manipulate it.


Thanks! [quote=“Garnira, post:9, topic:22796”]
That’s pretty ironic, given the mask’s power

I thought that too.

Yeah XD

Thats pretty clever, I was trying to make one (using the large silver chain pieces) but I couldn’t make an attachment that looked good to me.

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Ah well, it was worth a shot.

Did you, by chance, try something like this?

I think it would make for a pretty neat toa tool, and kind of tie back to the whole necromancy thing.


Good idea, and considering chains make a lot of noise, that can be redirected.
(this is going to be a nightmare to pose with) Whats that weapon called?

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Yeah, that’s the major downside of lego chains

It’s a Kusarigama


That mask looks WAY to big. The build is great, though.


It seems the tiny shoulders look that way cause of the mask, I’ve added larger plates to make them about half a peg bigger.


Heres the new weapon, the neon green bits are supposed to be like amplifiers or something, I don’t know really I just put green bits on it TBH.

Tell me what you think!

(sorry for terribad camera quality)

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5 things about this build

  1. good build
  2. nice design
  3. big head
  4. big head
  5. big head
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But thats 3 not 5 don’t lie! and yeah I already addressed the big head issue, and most masks in silver are really big.

Looks great!

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did you ever watch Friends

No? is that a quote?