Kaios The Revolutionizer

"Always the Same Blood Spilt, the Blood of the Innocent"

Name: Kaios
A.K.A: The Cut-Throat (Formerly, The Kitan hope, the Revolutionizer
Element: Air and Blades
Occupation: Formerly a Cut-throat turned leader of the Kitan Revolution
Kaios was Part of the Blood Crusader who were to stop XAIES
After that him and Trengot went to the Kitan Empire to form a Cut Squad
After Trengots Death Kaios saw the real side of Kitan but was killed by Yaikil
He was then found in a morgue with a new Body. He now Leads The Kitan Revolution
"Hate the Empire then you will have Allies"
Kaios to an Unnamed Matoran




The Black Pieces Here have a usage

You Place his New Sword

Onto the Open Joint on his Cape of Blades

And Remove the Great Blades from the Hand

And Onto the Black Pieces

To Form Twin Arm Blades


Good idea with the switching of the blades.

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The cape of blades doesn't work. It just looks messy. In fact, the whole thing really just looks messy. There's way, way too many blades on this thing. So much so that I actually am having a hard time seeing the MOC under them.

The Tahu swords don't work as shoulders. You seem to like huge blades sticking out from the shoulders like that, but it just never works, so please try not to do that. They never look good.

The Guurahk staffs look terrible sticking out of his chest.

And once again, I must question the efficiency of your weapons. Having the Matoro claw in the middle of it would severely weigh that weapon down, with very little benefits added.

I'm sorry man, but I give this a 2.75/10

Side note about the story: blades is not an element. It would make no sense as an element.


Your telling that to the person who Made BLOOD an Element


yeah, that doesn't work either


acknowledging you problems doesn't make them go away.

I agree with Cal.



It seems like I've been summoned.

(P.S. Most of this is based off of speculation as the imagery is a bit blurry)
- Color Scheme seems OK
- The Blades Design Aspect is a bit overdone, such as the Cape of Blades
- Looks a bit top heavy
- Legs look gappy with the Visorak mandibles
- Similar to what @Calvatron said, the Gurrahk staffs look pretty unappealing with them sticking out out of the models chest
- The colors are not distributed well
- The silver HF Chestpiece in the middle of the torso does not look very good as it does not fill up the entirety of the chest.

I would give this MOC an overall rating of 3/10.
It looks pretty strange in my opinion and the blades idea does not work that well.

Needs Alot of Work grimacing

I'm sorry if my criticism was too hard

This MOC is really messy Don't worry, the MOCs I made up until this year were really messy like that. (What I'm trying to say that you'll improve)

The colour scheme is pretty great, I'll give it that much.

That is really all I can say about this MOC.


It's too confusing and messed up to look at.

Thank you and the Idea of this body came from a Champion I want


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Gorlog's beard! Those blades...

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I am with a lot of the others. I feel like he has just a few too many blades. However, if they could be implemented more seamlessly as armor, the concept of having tons of blades to switch out for different purposes would work better. It would also be nice to see a more complex leg construction, since the ones you have now seem to be fairly common in design. But as is the case with all MOCS, it is yours to do with as you please. If you are happy with it, then that is what matters. (It would also be nice to have clearer pictures.) Thanks, best of luck, and keep building!

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Holy crap! It looks like you just glued every weapon piece you had to v1.
In all seriousness though, it's just a mess. How does he even use the

Edit: Just noticed I was five months late to the party. I don't know how this was in suggested topics, but feel free to ignore this post.

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I am going to be working
To make him more Dante-esque
(Should stop eating Pizza)

He has a few too many blades glued to him

I feel like if he were to walk forward, he'd have at least five open wounds

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This was one of my old mocs

I will rework him

This looks rather silly.

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this was before the lobotomy