Kaita combinatorics

Natural fusions are a very interesting, but underutilized concept in the story of Bionicle. To bring them back to the notice of community, here is a little rundown of numbers in regards to the possible Kaita:

-the usual team of 6 Toa (for example Toa Mata) can form 20 possible different Toa Kaita.

-the First Toa Team which consisted of 8 Toa, could make 56 possible Kaita.

-Toa Mangai who had 11 Toa, could potentially create 165 Kaita combinations, but because of the element redundancy, they only had 70 at their disposal.

-there are 364 possible elemental Toa Kaita combinations; 455 if Light is included and 560 if both Light and Shadow are included.

-and finally as there are 42 different Rahkshi, they have potential to make 11480 different Kaita. Seeing as Rahkshi Kaita unlock a unique ability every time they form this fusion, this means 11478 new abilities we have never seen before!

(Now waiting for the mocs for all those Kaita)


dude I think you have been reading too much into this
This is interesting tho


By the way, that is your citiation BS01, simple math.


What do you mean?

Math checks out.



Makuta: have 42 types of Rahkshi.
Fans: this is kinda OP, ya know, also we’ll never remember all of those.
Makuta: Ok, let’s make it 11522.

I like those sheer numbers, cool you brought it up!
Also, since a Toa Kaita’s mask is composed of three Toa masks, there might be 12341 Kanohi Kaita. Though that is not too accurate, as we don’t know how many masks we don’t know, and I also didn’t count immoral stuff, legendary stuff and such. I’d say it is just above 12000.


I meant BS01 says “citation needed”, but citation is not needed because it is just a logical conclusion.


I think the citation needed is on “any three can make a Kaita”


Well of course they can, that is how Kaita work :laughing:

If you would build all of the possible mata kaita at once considering the average price for a toa mata (on Bricklink) 20,53$ (counted all six)(kopaka being the most expensive) It would cost you 2462,25$ to get the sets and ~900 minutes to think of an design for all of the Kaita and ~450 minutes to build them.

and about 5590003,06$ for the Rahkshi. (using kuhraks price because im lazy on this one)


Don’t forget that the Dark Hunter Prototype’s profile implies two-way fusions of Toa are also possible. There are 90 ways that a team of six can form three 2-way fusions.

(Also, I like to believe that because the Toa Hagah were elite, they not only knew about their fusion powers, but were actually good at using them. My favorite combination is Norik-Bomonga-Kualus, because with their combined mask powers, that Kaita could shrink, grow, and summon Rahi to ride around on. He would basically be Ant-Man.)


I wonder how many people out there that are insane enough to try and make every 20 different Toa Mata/Nuva, Metru, Inika/Mahri kaita after reading this post.

And also, while it was never shown in the canon, Makuta species once confirmed that they also can perform fusion, if they willing enough to sacrifice they own individuality (of course, we all know that all of them are too egoistic to do so). With that in mind, I wonder how many potential fusions can be created with only 9 official released sets (11 if you want to count in Miserix and Spiriah) and with 100 members in totals! (I’m very terrible when come to calculating possibilities so don’t really expect me to do the calculation or at the very least, calculate the exact total number). Imagine how overpower they will be.

While it is technically possible, I’m pretty sure that Prototype’s fusion is completely ‘unnatural’ and impossible to replicate with the normal way of fusing, considering that he was forcefully fused together with spear of fusion and not out of union of 3 Toa. Not to mention, he went insane because of this process.


I am aware of that, that is why I specified:

I am hoping for as many as possible :laughing:

All Makuta that ever lived had potential to make 161700 possible Kaita :+1:


That’s why I chose to limit the list of other kaita powers I created to just one complete set of 14 from the 42 main universe powers.

Combinatorics is such fun math.


Looks like somebody is already onto it :grin:

For those interested in some of the Kaita MOCs check out Takutanuva’s community project! Community Project: Let’s Build Rahkshi Kaita