Kakama Nuva, faster?

My brother, and I were having an argument about the nuva upgrades to the kakama.
I was arguing that the only differences are the ability to think as fast as you’re moving, and the ability to phase through objects, He said that the kakama nuva could move faster than the regular kakama as well.

Does the nuva version let you move faster?


it lets the wearer run through objects, so yes it probably can.

The point of the Nuva masks were to be better then the originals so yeah…

Yes, but I mean, say Pohatu Nuva were to race someone with a normal kakama across a completely flat, open plain, (say Po Wahi, maybe) who would win?

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Pohatu nuva… I remember that it is faster from what I have seen…

RollOut reviews did say it was from what I remember when watching it and they have pretty accurate videos.

I looked up multiple sources, and none of them said if the nuva was faster or not, so that’s why I’m here.

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Well, even if they were the same speed, thinking as fast as you move would be a huge advantage either way. You can dodge obstacles as soon as you see them, instead of almost hitting them before realizing there’s an obstacle

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Ah. Makes sense. Have you tried BioSector?

That’s what I’m saying! It doesn’t need to be faster to be better.

@LTVmocs Yeah, it said the same thing as the encyclopedia.

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“His mask had changed too - instead of its old, smooth bulletlike shape, it was ridged and spiky and provided him with even stronger powers of speed”
—BC3: Makuta’s Revenge
Yes, the Kakama Nuva user would be faster than the normal Kakama user. And the Kakama Nuva’s power can be shared by their user.

And the Kanohi Nuva can only be used by a Toa Nuva.

Yeah, and the Kakama Nuva increases the user’s reflexes & senses while the normal Kakama doesn’t

This doesn’t prove anything- “Stronger powers of speed” could simply be referring to the ability to vibrate through objects/Think as fast as you move. It’s a really ambiguous phrase.
@YOOBOOSOO, I think you’ve got this argument in the bag. None of the other masks were improved so much as the Kakama already was with the intangibility buff, so it would be odd if they further increased it’s powers. Additionally, they never quantified how fast the Kakama allowed one to move- so saying that the Kakama Nuva allows one to be “faster” really is a meaningless statement.
Now, that last point suffers when the Pakari, for example, is considered.The Pakari gave it’s wearer undefined levels of strength, so the Pakari Nuva increasing these undefined strength levels is an almost meaningless claim. However, the difference between the Kakama and the Pakari is that the Kakama already has this intangibility buff. There are more meaningful ways to differentiate the Kakama from the Kakama Nuva, so they don’t need this extra speed boost. It wouldn’t add anything to the story.


Thanks for that. That’s what I was trying to say, but I’m not so good with words.

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I think you meant to say Move as fast as you Think - many people have instances where they think far faster than they move.

On the Kakama Nuva being faster than the Kakama - no. It was never displayed as being faster, but it did something much more valuable than that, allowing the user to share that power with everyone around.[quote=“Styrofoam, post:12, topic:38578”]
“His mask had changed too - instead of its old, smooth bulletlike shape, it was ridged and spiky and provided him with even stronger powers of speed”

This doesn’t prove anything

That’s correct, it doesn’t. But it brings up another point - it’s that the Kakama lets the user do certain things, but the Kakama Nuva would let them do it better. (i.e. disrupt the form of antidermis on the molecular level, etc.)

I believe this only worked for other Nuva masks.

Nah, he got it right. The user would be going at great undefined speeds, and if they take too long to realize an obstacle is approaching, it’s probably game over.

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No, that was for all nuva masks.

@Omega_Tahu Actually I was sort of wrong. It lets you prosses your surroundings faster so as to keep up with your speed, but I figured that “think as fast as you move” summed it up nicely.

@Ghidora131 What is this about antidermis?

Yeah, that’s what I figured it meant too.

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Bionicle book where they were in Karda Nui, the Makuta imprisoned them momentarily for some reason (I don’t really remember) and Pohatu used his mask to vibrate the Toa out of the imprisonment, and while passing through the Makuta slowed down just enough to agitate their molecular structures and cause immense pain.

But, I’ve said enough. This is an Ask greg topic, not a Hear Ghidora Ramble About Stuff He Only Half Knows topic.

that would be interesting tho

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OH, OK, you were referring to a specific example, got it. That’s actually really cool, I had forgotten about that.

Yeah it was. But fairly sure the power sharing only worked with other Nuva masks.