Kakari, the fighter

Hello! This MOC doesn’t have any kind of story. It’s only porpuse is to show me, that I can still build normal, humanoid MOCs. And I’ve been experimenting with a logo.

Please click on the images to see them in full size!

#These pictures are slightly outdated! Please scoll down to post number 13 to see the current ones!




Posing with a weapon:

I hope you like my MOC! Please leave (constructive) criticism and advise below! Until next time!


He’s a little lanky at the neck ant upper legs, but other than that, he’s really good. That BA head piece with the protector foot looks neat too!


Thank you!

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The use of the protector foot to create that beastly underbite was clever…but the upper part of the head doesn’t really fit with the rest IMO

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Ok, what piece(s) do you sugguest using?

I like him but i kinda feel that the orange is lacking with only 1 piece on each limb but other than that GJ

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Thank you, but only have these pieces in burnt orange. I think I should get more from Bricklink. Btw, what does “GJ” mean?

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Good job

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Not to sure about the torso build, can you try taking picture in different angel?
The leg does look skimpy.

I’m honestly not sure; it takes experimentation with many parts to see which looks right. I was thinking something which flows better with the foot and/or covers the technic beams

This is really cool. I love the design!

I took your feedback, and I did this:

Kakari V1.1


-Changed lower legs
-Covered up upper legs withtechnic pieces
-Filled in gap on the chest

I hope you like my MOC! Please leave (constructive) criticism and advise below!

@Square: Here you go!

@Rockho: So you mean I should change the upper portion of the head? But I wanted to change the lower portion.

@decepticonaiden: Thank you!


Looks much better, the knees are a like exposed but I really like the uniqueness of this MOC.

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Thank you!