Kalana the Sunflower

This is the latest version of Kalana, and honestly the one I’m most proud of. This is my only MOC so far that I’m actually happy with the way it looks.

Relating to this MOC specifically, I finally managed to make a female model and give her a unique body shape without making it poorly (and unnecessarily) sexualized. The first version is something I’d rather not talk about, and the second looked better but didn’t have much to set it apart from other female MOCs.
More generally, she has minimal gaps aside from the ones made by her hip armor and her color scheme is relatively consistent. Kalana has new custom arms that I’m rather proud of, even if its difficult to cover it with armor. The only real gripe I have with this is that her neck is really long and its kind of jarring.

Even if I can’t find many ways to improve this doesn’t mean it can’t be done. As always, criticism is always welcome!


Good integration of system pieces, the only issue I see are the red ball joints on the hands. The neck isn’t much of an issue based on these photos though honestly, good job!

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Though it’s basically just a generic CCBS MOC, it sure looks nice.

It’s pretty simple, but the system adds a lot.

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Very nice very simple. What I’ve found works for female torsos?

1:Take a basic CCBS body (the one with only two balls on the sholders)

2: take one of the CCBS paw armor pieces, the ones from the HF jungle wave.

3: take the shortest bone and attach it to the crotch attachment point.

4: take the shortest or second shortest shell piece and attach it to the bone.

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The hips seem to extend from the body a bit more then necessary

If you study the human form and skeleton, women have wider pelvis bones then men. So i think it’s spot on in terms of proportions.

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It looks deceivingly simple. The body appears like a normal CCBS body, but it’s completely custom. I could immediately tell from the shoulder/neck connections.

I would suggest finding a way to shorten the length of the torso, it stands out as kinda longer than it needs to be. I bet you could find a way to give that body design waist articulation if you fiddled around with different pieces, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Though then again this is just my suggestions to improve on what you’ve built.


But my point is that when she’s standing up straight, the two 5 sized white armor pieces on the sides look like hey are just jutting out. I know female human figure, but I literally mean those parts just out to far.

I see what you mean, but it’s not that bad.

Yeah, putting armor on her waist was always difficult. I have limited parts and it would’ve looked
a lot weirder without those shells.

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If I may make a suggestion, I would try using secondary hero-factory armor pieces that attach to the main armor pieces as a method of making her hips look more like the female form. For example you could use some of the ones that came with the mega-figure star wars builds, like the death troopers shoulder armor part.