It's been a long time since I've uploaded a MoC. Here's my most recent one. I originally built her to bring to boarding school to inspire me, but when she turned out better than expected and required more "good" parts than I had originally planned, I decided to just leave her at home.
She's supposed to be a royal guard. She's actually ranked pretty high, which allows her to use special weapons.
For example, that shield is magic, and it can blind enemies that look at it (see picture later on). Her spear is also magical. It's a Giant arrow, fallen down from the Giant war. (see Narakkam's topic for more info on that) Giant arrows are enchanted so that they always hit the target the shooter aims. One Giant pointed towards nothing and aimed the being that would otherwise destroy the universe. the arrow landed on Okoto.
One day, Kaliff was on a military campaign, and she found that arrow. She picked it up, and now she can't leave it (kind of like the ring and Gollum in LOTR). She's been using it as a spear ever since. But the arrow will some day hit its target, and Kaliff will have to let it go. But Kaliff is otherwise just a high-ranking palace guard.
Now on to the pictures!

notice how the sword attaches to her waist, as if it were sheathed. It's attached via a pin, so it's easily removable.

Here's what she looks like when she's at attention:

Shield flare off:

Shield flare on: (it's just a failed picture that I decided looked cool, so I made it even more flarey (that's not a word, according to AutoCorrect) and gave the shield an in-universe power.)

And here's the worst view of her. As I said, she was originally supposed to be built from "low-value" parts. This is why her body is based on a Inika Femur piece, and I needed a way to close that open ball joins that would otherwise be her crotch. thay's why the Bohrok leg is there. it also supports the head.



Wow, I had no idea that the body wasn't a Mata Torso until I saw the back shot. Nice job with the custom torso, and I like how you turned a failed picture into part of the MOC's backstory! Good job!

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I REALLY like the backstory for this character, especially when it comes to the giant arrow. The build isn't too amazing, but it works. I think she'd look a lot better with these for her legs.


I actually really like the torso, and everything else is alright.

You managed to replicate a Mata torso using a custom build!

This actually looks pretty good, and I don't even mind the lack of articulation in the limbs! Nice job!

She gives off some Gali Nuca vibes. Nice job with the custom torso

I really like how the build is custom, but the MOC needs more Mata blue to break up the light blue.

Nice MOC.