Kaligix, Guardian of the Chasm

"Awaken, Kaligix."
Vyran tried to open his eyes.

"Strange," he thought. "My name is not Kaligix, yet I feel responsive to this name, as if it's been my name my whole life". He tried yet again to arise from subconscious. But nothing worked, and the darkness took him once again.

He finally awoke successfully at a gateway. Inside held horrors Vyran had never seen before- powerful tyrants and dragons the size of mountains, crackling masks and cells that decorated the walls. The greatest of his fears existed and thrived here. And he was in charge of guarding it all.

Kaligix is the sole guardian of the Chasm, a pocket dimension created for the sole reason to contain the failed creations and experiments of the Great Beings, and later the Makuta. He did not learn of the malicious intentions of the Makuta until much later, following the Cataclysm. Furious, he promptly placed the Chasm under the Order of Mata Nui to hunt down the Makuta.

He has the ability to analyze any being, and identify their weaknesses and their strengths. He uses a staff that can absorb energy and use it for his own.

I know, I know. I need to work on the lower tail. I'm just happy I finally made a good, complex MOC. Feel free to leave constructive criticism!


I like the numerous textures used on the MOC, something about it just works here.

wow this is really great
i like the color scheme, it kinda reminds me of the earth dragon from ninjago

Meanwhile, in "I still can't do much more than Inika style builds land..." Anyway, nice moc, although the tail could use a bit of work perhaps

Nice work incorporating the sand green system pieces into your moc, it really makes it unique. I think the moc could do without the burnt orange, the pieces stick out more than any other color.The moc gives off a steampunkish design, and that pretty rad. I absolutely adore that head though, best part of the moc I think.

Uhh what's with the Random Kakama

So Pohatu hates more than Scorpios

This is amazing!

It was supposed to add flow in the tail. Guess it didn't quite work, did it?

It feels both unnatural and natural at the same time. Very cool.

I like the aesthetic! The forearms looks a little odd, but I love everything else! Good job!

yeah, it needs to be like 3 times longer.

I really like this, what's the mythical creature this is based on called? I think it's lamia.
anyway, this is a very nice moc, though you could work on blocking the colors to look less splotched.

so is this a snailman?

good color distribution!