Kane-Ra or Kikan alo?[sic]

I find a mistake in the BIONICLE Adventures 8: Challenge of the Hordika.

On he page 23, Onewa and Pouks - while they were in a top of a canyon - observed a herd of Kane-Ra in a front of a cave. They begun to discuss how to get rid of them, and it finished with an enraged Onewa tearing a chunk of rock from the canyon’s wall. On the page 56, the now calmed-down-Onewa and Pouks were on the same place, observing the same cave, but Onewa used the rock to “attack” three Rock Raptors what attacked the Kikanalo herd which were in the front of the very same cave.

So which were in the front of the observed cave? The pages between these are all about the other hordika and rahaga, so probably there were at most 5 minutes while Onewa was too enraged by his Hordika side and calmed down by Pouks.

The Kane-Ra were mentioned for 4 times and referred by “them” /“the herd”/“they” for 5 times. It was also mentioned that 2 Kane-Ra charged at each other with their horns.
The Kikanalo was mentioned for 1x. After that these were also referred to as “the herd” for 1x and the “slowest beasts” for 1x.

So might have you forgot that there were Kane-Ra at the cave entrance not Kikanalo, or was this intentional?


Or one herd moved on and another took its place, or you had a mingled herd of Kane-Ra and Kikanalo.