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So one of my new favorite Tumblrs is the Bionicle Art Squad. They're a group of some of the best artists I've known and followed (Crunch, one of our former mods; Cat, who did some fantastic TTV fanart that you should all check out; Faybos, who was a guy I knew way back in my GavHub days; Lady Kopaka, who was a really old host on TTV and who's work I've been a fan of for years; and a bunch of other really talented people who I've admired but have had no real interaction with over the years =P)

Anyhow, they do this thing called "Bionicle Art Challenges" which I really love, but haven't gotten a chance to do until now. I recently got a new pen for my tablet after the old one had been broken for months and decided to do some quick work.

The challenge was to design the Mask of Duplication, which I've sort of done here. The idea was to make a mask that was distinct in shape but still simplistic in design. I also drew the new heads because I had a bunch of them left over from Comic-Con and I wanted to see how they'd hold up. I really do like the design of them, although once Var pointed out how close the eyes were I've never been able to unsee that.

Anyhow, thought I'd post these here too and get some critique or whatnot now that I'm starting to get back into drawing regularly again. Thoughts?


I really like it. I think it achieves your goals of simplistic and having a definite shape to it. I just prefer a mask that covers the entire head (Mostly because that's what I'm used to with BIONICLE) but to each his own. I'd like to see it colored in the same style the protectors masks are in, with the gradient down to a trans color.


Thank you, I'll follow the site now smiley

Huh. I actually really like the look of this.

I will never understand how people can draw such smooth lines. These are excellent @Kahi! They also remind me of Krana for some reason...


I think he sketched it out on paper, then used photoshop (or a related program) to go over the lines and make them smooth. That's how I would do it anyway.

And yeah, they do look like Krana... I wonder...


Yeah that would look awesome.

This was done digitally; I have a tablet and Paint Tool Sai. What I do usually is do a really rough sketch of what I want to see on canvas. Then I make a long sweeping curve that fits what I want and erase the edges of the lines so it looks clean.


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