Kanohi details for Naho, Prototype and Stone Mangai.

For the sake of completeness, what masks did Toa Naho Mangai, the Toa Mangai of Stone, and Prototype wear? Naho and Prototype are the only Toa/Toa-like beings with names and no known Kanohi associated with them. If you don’t recall, Prototype is a Dark Hunter that was the result of an experiment with the Spear of Fusion that combined a Toa of Earth and a Toa of Fire, their Kanohi mixing into a third, new Kanohi. This information was volunteered by you in one of your chats, but the details of this Kanohi were not revealed.

I don’t have this info. I know on the LMBs they were discussing a mask for Naho at one point, but I don’t recall what it was. They were never given mask in story because they didn’t to be, and at this point I am hesitant to start doing a lot more canonizations.


Naho was never assigned a mask on the LMBs.

Not “assigned,” no, because I never canonized anything. But I know they were tossing about a theory about what Naho’s mask would be.