Kanohi makolmar/ mask of crystallisation

The mask of my self moc titan. This mask has 7 “unique” powers:

Amethyst-two extra triple length arms trice as powerful as your normal arms
Topaz-mind control over anyone equal or below your level of strength
Sapphire-freezing/ paralysis abilities
Emerald-levitation of visible objects
Ruby-lasers up to temperatures 100-50000 degrees C
Amber-enemy predictability and future vision (lasts 10 mins only)
Diamond-create or destroy anything you wish (slows down time it’s that powerful)

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Dude I am going to be honest your over powered Mocs make you look terrible, instead of focusing on their power and abilities focus on the build. Put time and effort into what you post. With your post now it kind of seems like a joke since they looked slapped together and then we are told they are insanely powerful. I would like to see yours skills develop and not just this over powered stuff. If you need help with moc ideas or building ways let me know and I will do what I can.


Or make a build that actually looks overpowered. You don’t look at a noodle Man and think "he’s 5 times stronger then everyone else.

Also dude; calm down with the powers. If rp has taught me anything it’s that op characters need a reason; not just cause they’re powerful. Oh and don’t forget weaknesses. Even if there’s no outside sources op abilities ussually have a backlash.

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Defiantly. I agree @Khalsa721 my friend and I will have a moc war where our Mocs fight and one rule of thumbs is if we make a mask power it must have a weakness, such as a mask of replication the only works through touch. A guy can be powerful, but people should be able to tell by looking at the moc that it is.

Seriously what the flip. The drawing isn’t bad, I quite like it, but a mask is about its powers.

This powers is so OP it’s stupid. It needs to be fixed plz.

These are all really cool powers, but putting them all together is a bit much. The mask looks sorta like a cat imo

Alright people listen this mask does have a couple of downsides, this mask requires full mental control meaning you must remain focused to use this mask, also it’s an incomplete mask scrapped for being (as you know) too powerful, this includes glitches and imbalances in the mask and over usage of the mask is dangerous and since the mask could wipe out all of bionicle possibly causing the Big Bang, creating the beginning of time and creating us as we know it and allowing me to right this comment :wink: Titan or whoever is wearing the mask for good use has to conceal its true power, so yeah it has its down sides like everything else in the bionicle universe (also use of topaz on the opposite gender means giving opposite instructions of what you want)

Did the topaz thing come from captain underpants?


Here’s a few things I found that should help you with your story issues



Have fun.

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I’ve checked them out and I’m working on a new character now.