Kaos incarnate v4

Name; kaosa
Abilities; can use the chaos corrupted form of anything. (Fire, water, creation, etc)
Bio; chaos energy really has no past or future. Kaos is simply the form it copies off the most powerful being in the given universe it's in as the more powerful the original the more sustainable the copy body is.
Gender; pure energy doesn't have one.

Kinda set in my universe so it copied the form of Rhaea as she's the most powerful being.


V2 (a total failure. Completely overhauled the idea.)


I got the idea midway through the torso to "tie her up" kinda like a seal to control the energy and stop it from destroying the body. Tell me what you think of that design. It doesn't effect the new posability at all and I just thought it was interesting.


He looks like one of XAIES Elites

Looks pretty good. I can't find anything I could really complain about.

Might you be interested in joining the Brotherhood Project?

I'm really liking this revamp! Looks a lot more solid. Not too fond of the wrists though, since the bend in that hordika neck part makes them look like they have an extra joint or something... its arms are very long for a humanoid, too (just let your own hands rest at your sides and see how far down your leg they reach). I suggest you either shorten them OR make them longer on purpose to up the creepy factor :wink:

Not totally convinced by the chains constraining her. They look more like a cool decoration than something actively trying to contain an entity of ultimate doom and evil. If you really wanna give that effect I suggest going totally overboard with it.

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I might just take out the friction extenders and as for the chained I ran out of the hewkii chains and can't find my large pile of normal Lego chains.
I see what you're saying on the limbs but how does it look on her body and waist? I wanted to still be able to see her body yet still make it look like she's tied up. I also would like to keep the posability so I don't know how extreme I could go with it.

Maybe, though I'm not sure if I have the parts I would need for some characters as past 2010 I didn't buy much. I never even got the canister mata nui.

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Hello Khalsa, please give this topic a read :slight_smile:

Sorry. I'm still generally new and I thought double posting meant same comment or post twice. I'll remember that. Thanks for warning me.

Yeah. Luckily I ordered two pounds of parts and one came with a necklace size of hewkii chains so after looking at the perverted side of deviantart for inspiration (so much perversion) I just went nuts on her.

The Nuva shoulders are used well, the wings looks epic, and I like the silver boot look. All in all, looks great, but the lower arms look a little too bare technic.

A well proportioned Nuva chest. Great wings. This has improved rapidly.

This MOC is amazing, and it's really cool seeing how it evolved to what it is now.

Pretty cool, actually! Well done. I do find the chains unconvincing, as said before though. There are better ways of doing that.

Still, rather well done. I have critique, but I be ripping things apart as much as I used to.

Unless by request, of course.