Kaos, lord of imbalance

Uploading… Uploading… Name; Kaos
Abilities; control over chaos energy (basically everything but can’t control what element or energy used by the power.

Moc info;
The reason the sword arm is incomplete is for the imbalance aesthetic.
The green in the chest is the eye of chaos; it’s basically the lantern ring for chaos energy.
His chaos hound as I like to call it is just scraps I threw together later. It’s not exactly a part of the main moc and was just thrown in.
Everything major (except spider legs, thighs, and wings) is custom built.


Hmm… Your images need to be uploaded all the way. Try waiting for it to pop up in the preview screen before clicking "edit."


Alright. These sites are difficult on my iPad and my laptop can’t connect to wifi so I’m doing my best.

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he looks… demonic. He’s alright. When I saw the name I thought of that bald skylanders villain voiced by Zim

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He’s very cluttered, and looks kind of generic, red and black villain with wings.

Not horrible, but needs work.


Where’s that fourth chaos emerald?

Sorry, had to.

Anyway, this MOC is okay, but that silver piston thing on the left arm bugs me.
Also, what Payinku said.

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Where’s the clutter at? I tried to make it as clean as I could so where could I improve?

to be honest,

pretty much the entire thing is cluttered, there’s technic exposed everywhere, clashing with the ccbs and making the moc look incomplete, the arms are a mess, I can barely tell what’s going on, the chest is, I’m not sure how to describe it, it looks wrong, the legs are better, but the random metru arms on the back of the shins seem pointless, and leave open balljoints making the moc look unfinished.

I think the idea is there, but it’s really unrefined.

Try making him asymmetrical, that would pull off the feeling of imbalance better.

You stole my color scheme -1000/10

Eh I guess I like it the Metru head bugs me but its Ok.